With some women around the world gaining the right to vote, 1920 may be regarded as a pivotal year for women....
2020 is a time to take stock.....  


A Contemporary Art Project by Women

Reflecting upon 100 Years of Time and Progress for Women

Honouring Women Through Art as an

Act of Remembrance

After obtaining a significant historic collection of American and Canadian newspapers, two female artists, Liz Rae Dalton and Kathy Piercy have become immersed in the published photographic record of the 1920’s. Looking at the images through a female lens stimulated a strong desire for this duo to develop a visual art project with a contemporary female reaction to the past 100 years. To begin, Dalton and Piercy are drawing and painting 100 women from the 1920's who witnessed the suffragette era, and the women who were directly involved in the advancement of women at that time. Now, the artists are inviting contemporary women to join in, and submit stories about noteworthy women in their own lives, also as an act of remembrance and female empowerment. 

Your submitted words will inspire art created by women for exhibition. 

Exhibition dates: May 23-July 4, 2020 Modern Fuel Gallery, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

November-December 2020, Pop Up TBA

To be involved, submit your story about a woman of the past, and any thoughts about female progress since 1920. Your words matter, and they can be expressed in any way you choose. Send a photo if you wish.

Words of women will later become the platform for art made by women. 

We appreciate your involvement in this timely project.

Send your responses anonymously 

or with your first name, year of birth, and the country in which you live to:


email : 100womenspeak@gmail.com 

or by postal service :  100WOMEN100YEARS 

P.O.Box 160,   Kingston, Ontario, Canada  K7L 4V8

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