Since obtaining my H. BFA and B Ed. from Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario,

I have created artwork that speaks about my life, as it unfolds around me.

For over 25 years I have I lived close to nature on an Island, making me a witness

to climate change. Increasingly, my art has become a homage,  a

a 'memento mori' to nature. 

Water, sky, earth, birds, trees, wind, changeable weather, endangered and invasive species, high water.....all find voice through what I create.

In a series format, I research, develop ideas, and plunge into materials and techniques, working through the creative process to complete a body of work. 


Recent projects include, ‘Earth & Sky’, a poetic response to my changing environment using found wood, fire, and molten encaustic paint. 

In this series, heat is referenced through charring, gouging, and hot molten paint in two and three dimensional works. 

Searching out opportunities to expand creatively I collaborate with other artists on special projects.

100WOMEN100YEARS is a current female centred project undertaken with  Kathy Piercy, as a contemporary response to female experience during the  past 100 years.   Women are remembered through drawing and writing,

with an upcoming exhibition at the 

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, On. Canada

September-October 2020

  to submit a woman to be remembered, or learn more about the project follow on instagram     @100WOMEN100YEARS