I live on an island surrounded by nature, and my artwork is an extension of this experience. By choice, I use natural materials that are found or up-cycled to create two and three dimensional pieces that poetically speak of water, weather, the earth, and the sky.  My process is experimental, unplanned at times, and always leads me to a moment where I recognize the voice of the finished piece. Working thematically within a series allows me to continuously evolve as an artist.


Bronze, steel, found heat treated wood, encaustic, found objects

Encaustic Painted Surfaces

I work with encaustic paint in the creation of some pieces. This 3000 year old art medium was first used by the Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans. Today's encaustic paint is a professional art material made with with purified beeswax, damar tree resin for surface hardening, and coloured pigments. Beautiful luminosity and textural effects can be achieved with the encaustic medium.

Challenging to work with, each hot molten layer of pigmented wax must be heated or 'fused' as the work is built up in layers. Encaustic is used in a variety of ways by many contemporary artists because of its unique textural properties.

Non yellowing, archival, natural, and unaffected by dampness, encaustic is an earth sensitive medium that is beautiful to live with.