Despite the challenges of Covid, I have been able to explore collaborative projects while communicating through screens. 

Two projects were realized.

For female Empowerment:

100WOMEN100YEARSart, a female centred project undertaken with Kathy Piercy,  to celebrate and remember women from all walks of life who contributed to families cultures and societies since 1920 when only some women earned the right to vote. Over 100 hand drawn portraits and informal biographies, many nominated by the public, were shown at

Modern Fuel Artist-Run Centre, Kingston, On. Canada (September/October 2020).

Liz Rae Dalton, The Baroness (Vitality), ink, paper, encaustic on panel, 9"x12"

For Human Connections and Love:

Haiku For Lovers, poetry by Odeni Sheer

artwork Liz Rae Dalton, created and published during the time of Covid, 2020- 2021 

Haiku For Lovers Publication, Cover
artwork by Liz Rae Dalton for Haiku For Lovers, poems by Odeni Sheer, 2021